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Suggested format for use cases is user story: As a < type of user >, I want to < specific goal >, so that < the reason >

Other possible formats:

  • application activity: list of specific activities which require individual permission 
    • i.e. edit metadata (without editing other object attributes)
  • access grid format: list specific application tasks in rows, and user roles in columns. Check the intersection of roles and tasks 

Coordinated Use Case Spreadsheet 


OrganizationUse Cases
  • you may include a link to external documentation, or add the actual use cases here
EmoryUser profiles for Repository Management (local effort to inform roles/permissions needed; Deposit-related profiles forthcoming)
EmoryPermissions Matrix template local entities, verbs, roles
EmoryAdditional user stories (some stories may change as we learn the Hyrax permissions model)
EmoryInternal Project Glossary of Terms (Repository Management oriented)
Indiana University
Indiana University Our QA Analyst, Karthikeya Dulla, created the list of user stories and Chris Colvard identified what was in hyrax, partially in hyrax, or not in hyrax. There were more comments on the original document that I have removed because they are not relevant to this discussion. There may be a way to work around some of the gaps we identified.

Notre Dame
EmorySample diagram showing use cases for needing admin set permissions assignments separated from the "one workflow per admin set" limit

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