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Meeting Details

Next meeting May 29, 9:00 AM ET / 13:00 UTC / 15:00 CEST



Alignment / Decisions from previous meetings

  1. We need a plan with actions, goals and associated target dates, aimed at marketing for DSpace 7
    1. Popular use cases, and how DSpace 7 improves on them, are powerful in marketing
    2. Facts that the SG endorses, are powerful in marketing
  2. We need a more general approach for DSpace Marketing on the longer term. The group did not reach agreement on whether this can be open ended, or whether this can have a finite timeline

Discussion items



DSpace 7 preview release update

 blog post and translations will be posted once all release information is available.

released tomorrow: removing bugs from merged code
translations in Spanish, French, German, Italian; Portuguese is on the way

How to talk about the DSpace 7 release and delays

Discussion of talking points for DSpace 7 release and delays

The largest release in history; already more pull requests than all of DS 3-5. No grant funding. Relying completely on community developers. Test-driven development for the first time; longer development time leading to more complete, stable, bug-free releases.

Ways to overcome the delays in future: estimation process, requested 1/2 time community manager position persisting beyond June using R&D funding via LYRASIS

Finalizing OR2019 merchandising orders

T-shirts and buttons, all buttons are round

Repository Rodeo at OR2019

Pascal will represent DSpace in the repository rodeo

Each panelist will deliver a short presentation on their repository software focusing on the following questions:

  • What (very briefly) does your repository do?
  • What is the current state of your repository and community?
  • What is the current state and direction of your technical development?
  • What are the most surprising or promising innovations in the repository space that you see in the coming year?
  • How does your repository and community address the needs of your users, particularly in relation to the other repositories and communities represented on the panel?

Lead DSpace 7 marketing timeline overview with updates, discussion leading up to OR 2019

On track to have DSpace SWAG in Hamburg for OR2019

Draft tabular comparison of DSpace with other technologiesDavid Corbly

Draft comparison



Action items from this meeting



Getting information to all members about when we can release the preview announcement tomorrow; then will determine timing.

Heather Greer Klein
Heather will send repository rodeo Google doc to discuss the questions ahead of the next meetingHeather Greer Klein
Heather will ask Tim for download information for DSpace for the repo rodeoHeather Greer Klein

Action items from previous meetings



Put together a simple mockup of a DSpace 7 excitement testimonial slide/postcard to share with potential testimonial givers
Start a page for DSpace 7 on (/dspace-7) to be ready when preview release is ready