Change page text

This page describes how to change text on a page of the JSPUI.


The location of the files you'll want to edit depend on which version of DSpace you are using, as the location of the primary JSP folder has changed in DSpace over the years.


  1. Open and search for the text you wish to change.
  2. Generally speaking, the "key" usually refers to the location of the JSP on which this text resides (e.g. is "search-related" text displayed in home.jsp)

  3. If contains that text in more than one place, open the relevant JSP and find the key attribute of the appropriate <fmt:message> element. For example:

    <fmt:message key="jsp.home.search1" />
  4. Change the text (that corresponds to the key) in
  5. Perform the steps in Rebuild DSpace.
    Follow the steps in FAQs to reflect the changes without doing rebuild.


  1. When adding or modifying text in, be very careful that you have automatic word-wrap turned off in your text editor! The "key" and its corresponding "value" must always be on the same line within (e.g.) This is NOT a valid entry in = This is a really long heading
    which actually gets wrapped automatically by my text editor
    so that it ends up on three separate lines.