Take a look at who is using the Fedora software by visiting the Fedora Commons Registry. The registry is both a destination and a jumping-off point for collaboration and connection between organizations, institutions and projects. The registry identifies Fedora users and leverages the value of their efforts by making what they do visible to the rest of the community and beyond. We encourage you to add information about your Fedora project to the registry today!

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Number of known Fedora projects: 173 (March, 2011)

Broadcasting and Media (1)
Consortia (8)
Corporations (16)
Government Agencies (8)
IT-Related Institutions (10)
Medical Centers and Libraries (4)
Museums and Cultural Organizations (5)
National/Public Libraries and Archives (16)
Professional Societies (2)
Publishing (5)
Research Groups and Projects (20)
Semantic and Virtual Library Projects (6)
University Libraries and Archives (71)

*These institutions are using Fedora with the VITAL product from VTLS.