This page provides a summary of GSoC ideas from across all DuraSpace technology platforms. Please note: not all of the DuraSpace platforms may provide projects for a given Google Summer of Code. As each platform has its own separate development community, it all depends on whether volunteer mentors are available during a given year.

More information about DuraSpace and these technology platforms can be found on our Google Summer of Code (GSOC) page.


GSoC Ideas Lists per platform:

DSpace 2014 Ideas List

The DSpace platform offers the following Google Summer of Code project ideas. If you would like more information about DSpace or about any of these GSoC ideas, please feel free to contact the DSpace Developers by any of the following:

NOTE: Mentors who wish to add to this list should visit DSpace Summer of Code Ideas (which is the page that generates the below table)

Fedora 2014 Ideas List

DuraCloud 2014 Ideas List