Example story: As a scholar, I would like to find all the images associated with various instances of a work sorted by time, so that I can see how the depictions of or illustrations in a work have changed over time.

Example story (GloPAD specific): As a scholar, I would like to find all costume photographs and scene illustrations for various stagings and performances of the plays of a particular author or the operas of a particular composer, so that I can see how the visual look of performances of the plays or operas have changed over time.

The essence of this use case is making use of complex graph relationships via queries or patterns (rather than direct connections) to allow discovery that would not be possible without the semantics of different relationships between items and types of items included in the graph. User stories and demonstrations will be somewhat tied to available data because detailed information and relationships will not be available for all resources.

Out of scope: n/a

Potential Demonstrations

A. Given an author or composer, find images associated with the works of that author or composer. (Rob: e.g. select ?z where (?x a Person ; ?x creator ?y ; ?y isDepictedby ?z)

B. Results that separate out classes of works: images associated with plays rather than novels or short stories; composed operas rather than songs or instrumental pieces. (Rob: Not really multi-level: ?x a Work ; ?x a Play ;  ?x depictedBy ?y)

C. DavidW: if data available extend A to an additional axes such as sorting by geographic location of a performance or by the native language in the performance location so that one can see if en English La Boheme looks different from a German La Boheme, etc.

Data Sources

Ontology Requirements

Engineering Work

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