The VIVO roadmap process engages the community and governance groups in

Roadmap Process

The Roadmap Process describes steps that will be taken to develop a roadmap incorporating the principles described above.  As steps are completed, the page will be updated.  The project director will be responsible for overseeing the process and engaging the community in the process.  A task force will be formed to take input from the community and develop a draft roadmap for consideration by the Steering Group and then by Leadership.  Status of the process will be reported each week in VIVO Updates.

Roadmap Features

The Roadmap Features provide a living document describing features for consideration during the process.  Please review this document and contribute your thoughts by adding comments to the page, discussing on listservs, in meetings of working groups, task forces and governance groups.  The document will be updated as needed to clarify, add, remove, combine, split, features.

Roadmap Poster


The poster above was presented at VIVO 2015 in Boston.

Background Materials

The materials below provide additional background to the roadmap process.