This is a tool to perform various checks and reports about your dspace instance. Use cron to schedule it periodically.

Command used:

\[dspace\]/bin/dspace healthcheck

Configuration file:config/modules/healthcheck.cfg
Argument short and long formDescription

-c,--check <arg>

Perform only specific check (use index starting from 0).

Repeatable (e.g. dspace healthcheck -c 0 -c 2)

-e,--email <arg>

Send report to email (arg) address. Can be a property

resolvable by ConfigurationManager.getProperty(String),

e.g. mail.admin

-f,--for <arg>

For last N days. Overrides the last_n_days variable from

 config file. Used to set a starting date for certain checks.

The value is relative to `now`. The default in config file is

7 days, e.g. the Log Analyser check will only analyse checks

for past 7 days. You may wish to set this value if running

the cronjobs on different than weekly basis.

-h,--help Show available checks and their index. Show the usage.
-v,--verbose Verbose report.


Currently configured checks:

This section list checks and reports that are currently configured out of the box. See*Check for the respective classes. The list with brief description follows

Configuring the checks:

The PluginManager is used to load the classes that are configured in `config/modules/healthcheck.cfg` adding/removing a check means modifying that file. To create your own checks you need to extend the abstract class and provide an implementation of its run( method.