The Sync Tool is a utility which was created in order to provide a simple way to move files from a local file system to DuraCloud. To get started with the Sync Tool, read on, or watch videos of the process here.

Download and Install

Download installers for Mac OSX, Windows, or Linux from the DuraCloud Downloads page. 

The Sync Tool requires that Java version 7 or above (Java 8 is preferred) be installed on your system in order to run. The installers for your operating system will check to make sure that you have the correct version of Java and will prompt you to download and install Java if necessary. If you would like to update Java directly, it can be downloaded from here.

If you are using a Mac and have questions about Java 7, you will likely find answers here. Due to issues which occasionally arise when attempting to install Java 7 on the Mac platform, an installer is provided which bundles Java 7, removing the need to perform a local installation.

If you cannot use Java 7 on your platform now, or would simply prefer to use Java 6, you have the option of using an older version of either the Sync Tool (which is available here) or the Upload Tool (which is available here). This version of the Sync Tool only includes a command line interface. The Upload Tool provides a graphical interface (a GUI), but is not as full featured as the Sync Tool.

Graphical Interface

The Sync Tool defaults to a graphical user interface.

Operational Notes

Command Line Interface

The Sync Tool provides a command line interface which can be executed directly, used in scripts, or used for scheduling sync activities (such as within a cron job.)  The command line interface provides access to all feature of the Sync Tool, some of which are not available (yet) in the graphical interface.


As the Sync Tool transfers files to DuraCloud, it will attempt to capture certain types of metadata about each file, and include that information as part of the content item added to DuraCloud. The list below describes the metadata that is captured automatically. You have the option to add, update, or delete the properties of each file after it has been transferred to DuraCloud.


If you encounter an error when running the Sync Tool, please first consult the list of error messages and suggested fixes below. If the error you are experiencing is not included in the list below, please visit the support system and submit a ticket with a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing (and include screenshots when available).