Scope & Objectives

The goal of this working group is to create a new, single UI for DSpace that implements all functionality currently available in JSPUI and XMLUI.  The interface will interact with DSpace core data through the REST API to insure complete separation of the user layer from the data layer. It will be built as a modern responsive client side web application using Angular 2.


Implementation of the interface and the REST API with code delivered on GitHub along with documentation on how to use, install, and extend the interface.

UI: Angular


Angular Subteam is facilitated by Art Lowel (Atmire)

REST API Subteam is facilitated by Andrea Bollini (4Science)

Angular UI Code

Developer Resources

REST Technology

REST Contract 

  • Early discussion has begun at REST API Contract (endpoints, functionalities, behaviour, etc.)

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

The facilitator for the Angular 2 UI subteam is: Art Lowel (Atmire)

The facilitator for the new REST API subteam is: Andrea Bollini (4Science) (4Science)

Next Meeting

February 16 from 16:00-17:00 UTC (11am-12pm ET) in Slack. If you have not yet joined us on Slack, please request an invite.

Meeting Notes