This document is intended to serve both as an aide-memoire for the Samvera Steering Group and a loose guide for Partners or others who may be involved in organising an annual Samvera Connect event.  It is assumed that it will be a continual work in progress and that it should be updated each year in the light of new needs and new experience.   It is offered as guidance only and is provided "as is" without any warranty as to accuracy or completeness.



Throughout these pages, text in green has been added following experience with Connect 2015 and text in purple since Connect 2016.


Samvera Connect is an opportunity to connect with other Samvera users, find out what Samvera is all about, and get involved; for established Samveranauts it is an opportunity to share experience with friends old and new, and to see what is going on across the Samverasphere.

We encourage Samveranauts:  "as a Samvera Partner or user, if you can only make it to one Samvera meeting this academic year, this is the one to attend!"

For the hosting institution the event enables local staff to immerse themselves in the Samvera community to assist with local training, engagement and awareness, it gives them the opportunity to showcase local Samvera and related developments and it provides an opportunity to engage senior staff, where useful, to help them understand the benefit of participating in the Samvera community.

Hydra Connect meetings, past, present and future

The meeting cycle

Organising the event

Matters financial

Organising and dealing with booking

Organising the meeting content

Organising social events

Registration and day-to-day concerns

And now that it's all over

Appendices and links to related content

Connect #1 - January 2014

Invitation letter January 2014

HC2014 Schedule v1.4.pdf

Follow-up email for January 2014 meeting


Connect #2 - Fall 2014

Letter to prospective Connect #2 hosts (14 Feb 2014)

Save the dates for Connect #2 (24 March 2014)

Invitation to submit workshop proposal (17 April 2014)

Reminder email (11 August 2014)

Draft program available (15 August 2014)

Hotel rate about to close (21 August 2014)

Lightning talks needed (22 August)

Posters needed (26 August)

Email to attendees and August advertizing

Draft Email Confirming Speaker Commitment to Session (25 August)

Draft Email to Workshop Facilitators 2 weeks before event (15 Sept 2014)

Connect 2015 - Fall 2015

Working documents

HC2015 working program draft (google doc)

2015 Github

Waffle Board

HC2015 Draft program skeleton

HC2015 Conference Room bookings

HC2015 suggestions for the program

Conference survey results



2014-10-20  Call for expressions of interest

2014-12-04  Formal bid from DCE on behalf of Minneapolis

Call for program suggestions 2015-5-28

Reminder about program suggestions 2015-06-04

2015 Poster call and registration reminder  2015-07-20