Karen Cariani

Tom Cramer

Richard Green  

Julie Rudder

Jim Tuttle



Any other items?

Review Audiences and Information Needs table

The Community has offered no suggestions for interviewees via the wiki form.  Shall we go ahead on the basis of our own list?  


Review  persona questions

The persona questions were revised and expanded.  Tom added a link to some ArcLight interview questions for comparison:  Do we need to modify our questions/approach before interviewing?

Next steps

Interviews?  Timescale?

Other business

To help accommodate the needs of other IGs and WGs, can we move to a meeting schedule of 1st and 3rd Tuesdays each month?  (That fits with our next couple of meetings)


Date of next meeting

Tuesday 5th May, 1600 UK, 1100 ET, 0800 PT