When: Thursday October 6, 2016, 11:00-11:50 AM
Where: Boston Public Library, Orientation Room
Facilitator: Eben English
Notetaker: Eben English

(While this was not an official meeting of the Newspapers Interest Group, many members were in attendance, and it seems logical to post the discussion notes under the auspices of this group.)


Replacement for current systems

Many people expressed a desire for a locally-hosted, open-source platform to replace vendor-provided systems, such as Veridian and CONTENTdm

Support for migrating from these systems would be highly desired.

Existing work

BPL and Utah Grant update

Application status

Project goals

Newspaper IG possible activities

Newspaper IG meetings

Eben will initiate this, most likely a Doodle poll to figure out a workable time.