Release date: August 1, 2017

We are proud to announce the release of Fedora 4.7.4.



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The Fedora 4.7.4 release is a backwards compatible refinement of the previous release, focused on bug fixes, enhancements and deprecation flagging.


Application Programming Interface

The application programming interface updates in this release relate to correcting response headers.


This is the final release to include the XACML and RBACL authorization modules. Subsequent Fedora releases will only include the WebAC authorization module.


This release includes several new configuration options for customizing Fedora installations:

  1. Adds a new option to allow a client to overwrite server managed triples
  2. Allows incoming blank nodes to be skolemized as hash URIs instead of placed in the /.well_known/genid location
    1. -Dfcrepo.bnode.hash-uri=<true|false>
  3. Allow use of S3 for storage (Beta)


This release adds two new configuration options targeting improved performance:

  1. Ability to increase the ModeShape cache size from the default 10,000 (repository.json)
  2. Ability to enable parallel generation of RDF response streams


This release includes an update to fixity result responses on fixity failures such that the digest algorithm used in performing the check (in the case where an algorithm other than the default SHA-1 is used) is returned to the client.

Housekeeping and Bugs

Numerous bug fixes and clean-up tasks were addressed in this release.

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