Thursday December 7, 2017, 1 PM EST


Steering Group Members

Dean B. KrafftJulia Trimmer,  Andi Ogier,  Lauren GalaEric Meeks,  Alex ViggioDong Joon (DJ) LeeMark Newton, Paul Albert (star)

(star)= note taker

Ex officio

Mike Conlon , debra hanken kurtzAndrew Woods



Friday WebEx 


1Review agenda2 minAll
2Updates5 minAllSharing meeting facilitation duties, and other updates
3Staff Changes10debra/AllTechnical Team changes
4Cornell Hosted Meeting on the future of VIVO10Julia/All

Proposed Topics:

  • Improving stakeholder engagement - why have some key supporters drifted away, how can we win them back?
  • The relationship with Duraspace – Can it meet the key needs of the VIVO project? If not, what alternatives exist?
  • Current organizational structure – What works and what doesn’t? What should it become?
  • Product development: How do we structure the discussions and decisions around priorities and communication collaborations?
  • Funding: What is the present status? How can we achieve our potential?
  • How can we improve communications to stakeholders, the VIVO community, and to the public?
  • Collaborative projects – What could we/should we be doing?
6VIVO Vision10AllFollow up on previous discussion and introduce harvester topic
7Research Graph10Erin/MikeProgress report
8VIVO Stories Update10ErinTwo done, more scheduled. Determine format and schedule for publishing
9Your Item Here!


 Action Items