Scope & Objectives

In the light of the re-branding to Samvera in 2017 and also in the context of Samvera governance development a Samvera Marketing Working Group is proposed to focus on how Samvera as we would like it to be is communicated and marketed to the different audiences we work with and who we would like to reach.  Samvera has a new logo, a new website, a well-populated wiki, and established github site providing information and code.  The aim of this Working Group will be to build on these foundations to:

There may also be a link into the future fundraising that Samvera will be undertaking and the marketing messages that need to be associated with this (to be determined, dependent on timetable and focus of attention for this process).

Marketing Materials

The following are downloadable and can be used/printed as required for distribution.  They are distributed under a CC-BY 4.0 licence.

Deliverables & Timeframe

To develop a set of marketing materials and information to use at Samvera Connect 2018 and for others to use at conferences and within institutions from the 2018-19 academic session onward.

Brainstormed list of marketing ideas

Draft content for questions we are asked

Draft content for one-sheet

Draft content for tri-fold

Vendors for Marketing Handouts

Sample costs of marketing items

Partner input from Connect

Meeting Times & Communication Channels

To be decided once the Working Group is confirmed.  It is anticipated that the pattern of arranging a regular call in a slot that suits the members will be followed.

Subsequent meetings to be held on:


Monday June 4th, 11:30 EDT

Wednesday June 20th, 11:30 EDT - Agenda

Wednesday June 27th, 11:30 EDT - Agenda

Wednesday July 18th, 11:30 EDT - Agenda

Wednesday August 1st, 11:30 EDT - Agenda

Wednesday August 15th, 11:30 EDT - Agenda

Wednesday August 29th, 11:30 EDT - Agenda

Wednesday September 12th, 11:30 EDT - Agenda

Wednesday September 26th, 11:30 EDT - Agenda


Wednesday December 12th, 11:30 EDT - Agenda


Wednesday January 16th, 11:30 EDT - Cancelled, deferred to Jan 30th

Wednesday January 30th, 11:30 EDT - Agenda

Wednesday February 13th, 11:30 EDT - Agenda

Wednesday February 27th, 11:30 EDT - Agenda

Wednesday March 13th, 11:30 EDT - Agenda

Wednesday March 27th, 11:30 EDT - Agenda

Wednesday April 10th, 11:30 EDT - Agenda

Wednesday April 24th - clash with Virtual Connect

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1)  Dial:

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2)  Enter Conference ID : 640421512


The members listed below are those who expressed an initial interest in this Working Group at the Partners Meeting At Northwestern University in November 2017.  Please add your name to this list if you are interested in participating in this discussion.  Those with experience of marketing, communications and related promotion of repository and/or other related technical services are especially welcome.

Chris Awre, facilitator (University of Hull)

Karen Cariani (WGBH)

Ryan Steans (Northwestern University)

Richard Green (University of Hull)

Alicia Morris (Tufts University)

Charlotte Nunes (Lafayette College)

Steph Taylor (CoSector)

Nabeela Jaffer (Michigan) - link with Repository Managers IG

Resources - a link to a general summary of marketing in an open source context.  Please add other resources that cover options we could consider.

Meeting Notes

18-05-22 - Notes from initial meeting

18-06-04 - Meeting not held

18-06-20 - Notes

18-06-27 - Notes and actions for next meeting

18-07-18 - See agenda for notes

18-08-01 - See agenda for notes

18-08-15 - See agenda for notes

18-08-29 - See agenda for notes

18-09-12 - See agenda for notes

18-09-26 - See agenda for notes


18-12-12 - See agenda for notes