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 from 14:00-15:00 UTC

Location: DSpace Meeting Room




  • General Updates
    • Ongoing discussion around DSpace Entities Working Group
      • Video of last meeting (Tues) available
      • Steering discussed more yesterday
      • Discussion continuing into a DSpace "breakout" at the DuraSpace member summit (April 10-11)
      • Decision likely soon...Tim will update group again post-Summit.
  • Angular UI Team updates
  • REST API / Java backend Team updates
  • Sprint Planning: DSpace 7 Community Sprints
    • Sprint #1 will be May 7 and 14
      • May 10-11 is a holiday in Belgium. Art unavailable those days
      • Andrea will be at COAR conference May 16-17.
      • But, other than those minor conflicts, these seem like the best weeks in May.  Other weeks are more problematic.
    • Discussion of Alphabetic Jump To in Sprint 1
      • This doesn't yet exist on REST API.  Could be implemented on the browse endpoint as a simple param.
      • However, that may not be the ideal implementation, as technically it's a form of pagination.
      • TODO: (Andrea): Create a REST Contract ticket to propose how to possibly implement this. Bring discussion over there & try and finalize contract in time for Sprint 1
    • 4Science is working on an Edit Item page which is similar to the submission (uses input-form).
      • Will need both this submission-like edit page, and also the full admin edit page (to allow adding fields that don't exist in the submission page)
      • TODO (Tim): Add admin item edit page to Sprint 1. We've decided that would be worth adding in here.
    • Discussion of Authorization in Sprint 1
      • We likely need an endpoint that lets Angular ask "what can this user do" or "can I do this", so that the Angular UI need not duplicate authorization logic to determine which links / menus to show to the currently logged in user
        • TODO (Art): Create a ticket to begin to investigate how other Angular UI projects deal with AuthZ decisions like this.
    • For purposes of the Sprint 1, Find by Item ID/Handle will link back to the View Item page.  Once Edit Item is complete, the link will be updated
  • NOTE: Andrea will be out next week at DuraSpace Summit and CNI.  (Tim is attending Summit virtually)

Next Meeting will be Thurs, April 12 at 14:00UTC in DSpace Meeting Room