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Sustainability Goals

These strategic goals revolve around sustaining our existing user base and ensuring both the DSpace open source product and our community remain vibrant for years to come.

Goal 1: Develop a clear value proposition for DSpace that explains its benefits to all stakeholders

  •  Action 1a.  Support the work of the DSpace Marketing Group and the working groups that are spun off

Goal 2: Increase DSpace membership

  • Action 2a. Solicit consortium membership from national organizations in Europe, Asia, and South America that support local open access and repository use among their institutions
  • Action 2b. Pursue United Nations contacts in support of international open access
  • Action 2c. Ask North American members to make personal membership appeals to individual contacts at DSpace-using institutions

Goal 3. Establish a stronger DSpace presence internationally

  • Action 3a. Organize more DSpace user group meetings
  • Action 3b. Provide training events in Europe and elswhere

Goal 4. Fill the Product Manager role for the DSpace project

Goal 5. Increase project revenue to support these growth and sustainability initiatives

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