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Current Live CD

The current Live CD can be downloaded from:

The current Live CD version is 1.5.1 beta. A DSpace version 1.6 LiveCD is under development.

This guide has been written by Stuart Lewis at the University of Auckland Library.

Build a DSpace Live CD

To build a DSpace Live CD, follow these instructions:

Install Ubuntu

  • Create a new virtual machine in your preferred virtual machine system (e.g. VMWare, VirtualBox etc)
  • Install the latest version of Ubuntu in to a new virtual machine image.
    • DUring installation, create the user 'dspace', with the password 'dspace' and the name 'DSpace Live CD'
  • Update packages to the latest and greatest.
  • Install the VM system client additions
    • In the case of VirtualBox, this can be achieved with the following command:
      sudo bash /media/cdrom/

Install packages required by DSpace

  • Add the remastersys software source
    • System -> Administration -> Software Sources -> Third-party Software
    • Add APT line:
      deb ubuntu/
  • Install required packages
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk maven2 ant ant-optional tomcat6 postgresql vim subversion remastersys

Remove software

Remove software not needed to make the resultant LiveCD a bit smaller

brasero wodim tomboy f-spot gimp ekiga evolution pidgen transmission-common rhythmbox totem totem-plugins totem-common totem-mozilla 

Configure packages

  • Edit /etc/defaults/tomcat6 and add a line at the top saying
  • To get tomcat logging to work, I have had to create symlink to the log directory
    sudo ln -s /var/log/tomcat6/ /usr/share/tomcat6/logs
  • Edit /etc/postgresql/8.3/main/pg_hba.conf
    • On the line 'local all all ...' change the METHOD to be 'trust'

Download build scripts

mkdir DSpaceLiveCD
cd DSpaceLiveCD
chmod u+x build-dspace
mkdir ROOT
mv root.html index.html

Build DSpace

cd DSpaceLiveCD

Setup desktop

  • Applications -> Internet -> Firefox (right click) -> Add this launcher to desktop
  • Make Firefox start automatically
    • System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications -> Add
      firefox %u
  • Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (right click) -> Add this launcher to desktop
  • Set background:
    sudo cp large/jpeg/* /usr/share/backgrounds/
    sudo rm -r large
  • System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Background -> '+'
    • Add /usr/share/backgrounds/logo
  • Select preferred DSpace logo for desktop

Make the live CD

  • Edit the remastersys preferences:
    • System -> Administration -> Remastersys Backup -> Modify
  • Edit /usr/bin/remastersys and remove the line that cp's the ubiquity icon to the desktop
  • Build the CD
    sudo remastersys backup
    sudo vim /home/remastersys/remastersys/ISOTMP/isolinux/isolinux.cfg (remove install option)
    sudo vim /home/remastersys/remastersys/ISOTMP/isolinux/isolinux.txt (remove install option)
    sudo remastersys dist iso
  • Make a shared folder in your virtual machine config to copy the Live CD to.
    • In VirtualBox you can mount a shared folder called shared into a directory called mount by using
      sudo mount -t vboxsf shared mount
  • Test the resulting ISO
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