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  1. What should the service look like
  2. How will we approach development
  3. Who will be involved in development
  4. Who will be involved in validation



  1. Just beginning with Fedora, and decided to start with Fedora4
  2. OAI-PMH will be serving dublin-core
  3. Willing to work with UNSW requirements to start
  4. Interested in learning how to develop over Fedora4
    • Will document how to create a Fedora4 module

Arif and Harry

  1. Interested in getting involved with the code
  2. Currently using jOAI over Fedora
    • Would be interested in not using jOAI if not necessary with Fedora4
  3. Primo used to harvest from Fedora
  4. Some initial thoughts
    • Want to show deleted records in OAI responses
    • Need to be able to support requests for sets of records
    • Need to service: rdf, dc
    • Would like to directly service rdf from repo

Next Meeting

  • Tues, Aug 6th @6:30pm ET


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