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Presentation Schedule

The following Fedora-related presentations and events will be taking place at Open Repositories 2016 in Dublin, IE.

Monday, June 13 (Workshops)

Tuesday, June 14

 Wednesday, June 15

Thursday, June 16


  • Migrating an IR to new technology: opportunities, challenges, and decision making processes Simone Sacchi, Eva Cunningham
  • Sipping from a bag: ingesting disk images with bait Rebecca Sutton Koeser, Elizabeth Russey Roke
  • VTechData: An Institutional Data Repository Zhiwu Xie, Julie Speer, Yinlin Chen, Tingting Jiang, Collin Brittle, Paul Mather
  • Goldenseal: A unified repository solution at Washington University Shannon Davis
  • Islandora in the Classroom: Digital History and Repositories Kim Pham, Lydia Zvyagintseva
  • Illuminating Otago Heritage Allison Brown, Emmanuel Delaborde
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