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  1. Repeatable tests for demonstrating performance characteristics of Fedora

    1. Documentation: How to Conduct Performance Tests and Share Results  FCREPO-2424 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  2. Rerun these six tests against the current release of Fedora, 4.7.3. 

    1. Current status:

      1. Test2:  FCREPO-2547 - Getting issue details... STATUS

      2. Test3:  FCREPO-2548 - Getting issue details... STATUS

      3. Test4:  FCREPO-2546 - Getting issue details... STATUS

      4. Test5:  FCREPO-2549 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    2. Performance Test Result template

  3. AWS Cloud research grant
  4. Samvera Connect 2017
  5. Other performance tests, such as the Java client or service configurations


  • Documents updated:
  • Test 4 was run against 4.7.3; will run against 4.7.4. 
  • Need someone to signup Test 1. Test 1 can be conducted in AWS using grant credit.
  • When running performance test, if there is no error, run 7 x 24hr then end the experiment. 
  • If users wishing to help out want to run tests in Amazon, they should contact Yinlin Chen and he will create accounts.
  • Funding is available through June 2018. We should use the funds as soon as possible to make sure it doesn't go to waste.
  • Yinlin Chen is planning a presentation for Samvera Connect to outline the work of this group.
    • It would also be good to get feedback from the Samvera community about the sorts of tests that would be most valuable to them.
    • Esmé Cowles' document on real-world performance is also relevant in this context.
  • There are two additional areas for testing: the Java client and the Camel components. It could be challenging to devise tests for the latter without some concrete examples of how Camel is being used.
  • API-X might be an area where we could find concrete uses of Camel that could be tested.
  • Target have all the Fedora 4 performance test result by Sep 11 that week.
  • Next meeting will be September 18, please mark your calendar. 


  • Colin to update scripts to support old and new spreadsheet fields
  • Danny to verify and document when Colin is done


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