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  1. Merge policy updates
  2. PRs to review
    1. pr-183: awaiting Benjamin Armintor and merge conflicts (pr-194)
    2. pr-188: was there concern about the need to create a resource to determine versioning support? Related:
      1. issue-185
      2. issue-186
      3. issue-187
    3. pr-189: awaiting Daniel Lamb and Benjamin Armintor
    4. pr-190: awaiting Daniel Lamb and Benjamin Armintor
    5. pr-191: awaiting Daniel Lamb and Benjamin Armintor
    6. pr-193: awaiting Daniel Lamb and Benjamin Armintor and Simeon Warner
  3. Authorization issues
    1. issue-165: acl:accessToClass  
    2. issue-164: acl:default instead of acl:defaultForNew resolved (solid
    3. issue-175: clarify SOLIDWEBAC's position, and whether it is satisfied by virtue of being LDP-RS
    4. issue-176 resolved-needs pr
    5. issue-170 thumbs and comments
    6. issue-172 remains open
  4. Versioning Issues
    1. issue-130: awaiting merge of pr-189
    2. issue-187: awaiting merge of pr-193, simeon doesn't understand suggestion so far (and doesn't like probes that change repo content)
    3. issue-186: awaiting merge of pr-193
    4. issue-185: awaiting merge of pr-188
    5. we need to run the 2-step process for detecting versioning model past middleware implementers


  1. Merge policy updates
    1. Removing 'syntax' and 'etc...' from proposed change to narrow the scope of what would be allowed without approval of all editors.
  2. Reviewing open PRs (to be merged Friday given no grievances)
    1. 194 supercedes 183, fixing merge conflicts.  Daniel Lamb and Esmé Cowles have approved
    2. There was discussion over the requirement of versioning, and how to handle disabling versioining
  3. AuthZ
    1. Agreeing for support of acl:accessToClass,

Action Items

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