Current Release

This documentation covers the latest release of VIVO, version 1.10.x.
If you are able to help contribute to this documentation, please contact sysadmin at duraspace dot org
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ISF Development Source

The VIVO-ISF files can be found in the OpenRif repositories on GitHub.


  • TBox filegraph directory largely mirrors /source directory from ISF repository
  • selective (manual) removal of certain files and parts of files
    • no anatomy.owl
    • smaller clinical.owl
    • no research-resource-phenotype-mp.owl
    • no sharecenter.owl
    • vastly smaller research-resource.owl
    • smaller object-properties.owl and data-properties.owl
  • additional VIVO-specific content:
    • personTypes.n3
    • object-properties3.owl
  • additional axioms primarily for application control purposes
    • appControls-temp.n3
    • classes-additional.owl
    • dataDomains.rdf
    • objectDomains.rdf
    • objectRanges.rdf
  • labels removed from ontology files and stored elsewhere for editing in the interface
  • additional PropertyConfig.n3 file to set up "faux properties," e.g.: 
    • "relatedBy" when used between a Person and Position is called "positions" and configured separately
    • "bearer of" when used between a Person and a ServiceProviderRole is called "has service provider role" and configured separately


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