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Potential Attendees

Amy Lana - University of Missouri
Bram Luyten - @mire
Ciarán Walsh - Enovation Solutions, Ltd
Iryna Kuchma -
Jim Ottaviani - University of Michigan
Sarah Potvin - Texas A&M University
Sarah Shreeves - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Sue Kunda - Oregon State University
Valorie Hollister - DuraSpace


  • 10:00am Eastern/15:00 UTC


  • (209) 647-1600, participant code 373133, host code: 560833 (can be done via Skype - for directions: 
  • Please note that we continue to have connectivity issues with the "freeconferencecallhd.2096471600" Skype dial-in. To avoid the frustration we recommend dialing in via a Skype phone call -- simply use the Skype dial pad and dial the USA # 209-647-1600 and then the conference code # as prompted. You will need to have a Skype account with money in it in order to place this kind of call -- and it will likely be about 3 cents a minute, depending on where you are calling from. 

Discussion Topics



Discussion leader


News / announcements / etc.



Midwinter ALA DCAT meet up? (Seattle, January 25-28) - who is going? please use DCAT list to arrange time/place 


Metadata improvements project:

Metadata Sub-Team: Sarah P., Amy, Maura Valentio, Maureen


Annual discussion on how DCAT works together - what do we want to continue doing, what seems to work well/not so well

  • How can we foster more interaction / collaboration with cmtrs? Overlap mtgs? DCAT members regularly attend weekly cmtr mtg?
  • How should we chose our projects/work? Reviewing JIRA items? Pick a few big projects (i.e.metadata improvements)?
  • Logistics - frequency of mtgs, how we spend mtg time, what we agree to do outside of mtgs
  • Should we set up some specific goals for the year?
  • Val



Discussion Notes/References

1) News/Announcements


Sue: exploring learning object repos - does anyone know of any learning repos using  

2) ALA meet up Fri 1/28 eve: Sarah P., Amy - Sarah P. to send msg to see if anyone else is interested 

3) Update DC

Sarah P: clarify the the level of lock down

  • make additions (qualifiers to elements in the schema) but not allow deleting or modifying fields unless you go through 2 step process - set up in configuration file
    • Current default behaviour:
      • fields can be added, changed or deleted from any schema
    • Proposed default behaviour
      • qualifiers can still be added
      • entirely new fields can still be added
      • existing fields from a standardized schema can not be deleted
      • existing fields from a standardized schema can not be altered/abused for something non standard
    • Proposed "override" behaviour
      • Repository managers can override the new default behaviour by flipping a safety switch in the dspace.cfg
      • After flipping the safety switch, they can do changes and deletions to any field in the interface just like before.
  • need for robust upgrade/migration tools
  • Sarah to make refinements on proposal

Bram: How does DCAT proposal intergrate with other projects

  • "Metadata for All" - fully included in the proposal for metadata enhancement. So no need to ask about both of them in the DCAT proposal
  • "Proposal for Metadata Enhancements" - technical description of changes, but seems consistent/aligned w/DCAT proposal
    • all DCAT members should review wiki page, make sure it is consistent with DCAT proposals, post questions in comment section at the bottom of the page
  • Amy to create wiki page for proposal: Proposal to Update DC Registry and Add DCTERMS Registry
  • Gather JIRA tickets that might be affected by DCAT proposals - put on wiki page w/the proposal - metadata team and Bram


Metadata project next steps:

1) finalize draft a proposal on updating DC following DCAT feedback (DCAT sub-team: Sarah P., Amy, Maureen, Maura)

    • identify main goal (why is it important/why should it be done) and key areas to address for the update
    • identify proposed direction forward along with the benefits/drawbacks/outstanding questions for cmtrs (and community)
    • identify what specifically DSpace DC should be updated to - QDC and flat DCTerms 
    • identify what if any user modifications will be allowed 
    • identify any areas/processes that will be affected (forms, imports/exports, etc.) and path for migration / implementation

4) discuss proposal with developers/cmtrs to understand limitations/pain points

5) revise proposal based on developer/cmtrs feedback

6) hold discussion / allow for feedback on proposal by DSpace community - and maybe the broader repository community


4) DCAT working together

  • Iryna: establish discret DCAT/cmtr mtgs - maybe 4x a year
  • JIRA vs projects
    • new JIRA workflow will help identify places we can help "needs more detail" status category - we can help ask requestor for info
    • Val to find out where cmtrs are in the migration process 
  • Everyone has to somehow fit DCAT work into their real jobs - limited time 
  • Val to get mtg dates posted
    • February 12, 2013
    • March 12, 2013
    • April 9, 2013
    • May 14, 1013
    • June 11, 2013


Actions Items from this meeting

Action Item



Review Proposal for Metadata enhancement wiki page, make sure it is consistent with DCAT proposals, post questions in comment section at the bottom of the pageAll DCAT membersJan 18

Wiki page for updating DC proposal: Proposal to Update DC Registry and Add DCTERMS Registry, update per today's discussion

Sarah P.


Gather JIRA tickets that might be affected by DCAT proposals - put on wiki page w/the proposal

Metadata sub-team, Bram

Jan 18

Set mtg with cmtrs to review DC proposal, find out where cmtrs are in the new JIRA workflow migration process


Jan 11

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