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Date & Time

  • August 14th 15:00 UTC/GMT - 11:00 EDT

Zoom meeting:

We will be using the DSpace Zoom Meeting Room for our meeting.

Meeting location:  

Enter Meeting ID: 502 527 3040 , followed by #

Zoom information: DSpace Meeting Room


  • Community Forum Call
  • Potential Topics:
      • Implementing ORCID in DSpace
      • Collaborating with COAR (Confederation of Open Access Repositories)
      • Volunteers for September call on documentation and training

Preparing for the call

If you can join the call, or are willing to comment on the topics submitted via the meeting page, please add your name, institution, and repository URL to the Call Attendees section below.  

Meeting notes

ORCID Integration fixed in DSpace 6.3; ORCID changed their API from v.1 to v.2, which broke earlier integrations.  

DSpace Release 6.3 Status

DSpace CRIS ORCID Integration

ORCID in Repositories Task Force

DSpace 7 Entities Working Group

University of Arizona:  Open Repository service platform and ORCID integration worked in the past (DSpace 4 with local customizations?) (ORCID associated with a specific user). DSpace 5 does not have the same ORCID integration because of the API change.  This may or may not be important to end users. 

DSpace/repositories should support campus ORCID initiatives. 

University of Missouri:  Original ORCID implementation was not quite optimal for them. It is a look-up feature which uses the form of name in ORCID and creates a record in the DSpace instance. That record cannot be accessed and/or edited.  

Virginia Tech:  In Elements, faculty list their ORCID and publications associated with the ORCID can be automatically pulled into their record.  (Name and ORCID is in one string in dc.identifier.orcid)  University of Cambridge has done a good implementation, too.  Adding ORCID for ETD committee members would be a good project; low-hanging fruit.   Adopting VIVO as a public display of the Elements data, with faculty able to select what shows. In an ideal world, VIVO and DSpace would talk to each other (ORCID could help?)

Question:   What would ideal ORCID integration be?   Issue now that ORCID is not associated with a single author, especially if there are multiple authors. Ideally, ORCID would be connected in DSpace to a particular author and metadata could feed into ORCID's database.   ORCID lookup is great, but it is sometimes really hard to determine affiliation of an author in the ORCID database.  Some campus faculty-research systems have integration with ORCID (and repository, too.)

  1. ORCID associated with name (Name authority control)
  2. ORCID displayed in DSpace record
  3. Link to the ORCID profile page for that individual from the repository record
  4. Connection/updates between ORCID profile and repository

Some DSpace repositories have integrated the name of the author into the dc.identifier.orcid field,  along with the ORCID.

Question about implementing Altmetric badges in DSpace (for Handle or DOI or both?)  University of Kansas has implemented both.   It can lead to some oddities if there is Altmetric information for both in one record. 

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  1. I think the Zoom meeting space might be interfering with my Slack - is that to be expected? Just checking, cos my sysadmin was aasking me a question, and I can't answer him on Slack.

  2. Hi Pauline, I am not sure. I think Tim Donohue might be best resource.

  3. Link to previous ORCiD functionality examples in our previous repository:

    The above are not public links, as our repository has been upgraded and does not have the same functions around ORCiD at this time. Sharing for purposes of this discussion.

  4. I was just reading a Slack message, using desktop app if that makes a difference.