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Date & Time

  • February 9 16:00 UTC/GMT - 11:00 EST


We will use the international conference call dial-in. Please follow directions below.

  • U.S.A/Canada toll free: 866-740-1260, participant code: 2257295
  • International toll free: 
    • Use the above link and input 2257295 and the country you are calling from to get your country's toll-free dial in #
    • Once on the call, enter participant code 2257295


DSpace 6 Testathon 

The DSpace testathon is a period of approximately 10 working days following the release of the DSpace 6 Release candidate version.

The DSpace 6 Testathon Testplan Working group has developed an XMLUI Test plan that already achieved a higher level of detail and variety in tests than any test plan used in previous releases.

In this months call, we would like to identify volunteers for each of the identified functional DSpace roles (anonymous user, submitter, administrator, ...). With those people identified, we'd like to check what communication tools and frequency of communication we should use during the testathon itself.

Future of the DSpace User Interface

The UI Working Group is running a DSpace UI Prototype Challenge.

All prototypes have been presented and videos for those presentations have been made available. Anyone is now welcome to review the prototypes and provide an evaluation.

We'll go through the evaluations form together 

Other topics

  • ...

Preparing for the call

DSpace 6 Testathon

  • Review the DSpace 6 Testathon Testplan Working group page
    • Review the draft of the XMLUI Test plan (everyone can view, if you want to help out, hit the button on the top right corner to request edit rights)
  • Do you want to volunteer to take ownership of one of the "roles" (represented by the tabs in the spreadsheet)
  • What type of communication tools & frequency would you like to see DURING the testathon?

Future of DSpace User Interface

Check the presented videos and the evaluation form.

Meeting notes


Call Attendees

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  1. Bram asked for volunteers for the testathon for roles - I'm afraid I've got a busy week the first week of March, so if that's the first week of the Testathon, it's best I don't commit to definitely test one of the roles. But I think it looks like a great test plan with lots of tests, and will help our testing be effective, so: many thanks to the colleagues who put that together.

  2. The current XMLUI doesn't yet have all of the tests that were in the old DSpace 1.6 plan. So if anyone wants to go over those, see what we are missing in our current coverage and put them in the XMLUI testplan, would be great:

    DSpace Release 1.6.0 Testathon Page#WebUI-XML

  3. Just before the start of the meeting there was a conversation going on about Shibboleth; a problem of some kind I believe? We use Shobboleth at Nottingham with Dspace so if that is of any help, let me know.

    1. We were talking about the DSpace 6 work to ensure that REST API (and other webapps) also have support for the authentication methods other than password. The specific dialog can be found here:

      DS-2898 - Getting issue details... STATUS


    2. This issue is also active:  DS-3034 - Getting issue details... STATUS Jonathan Green, do you have a test instance with DSpace 6 code?  Can you try to recreate these issues?


      1. Ah I see sadly no, we haven't a Dspace 6 instance yet.