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  • Cohort engagement 
    • One of the things in Nancy's survey for newly appointed profile wranglers was a survey that asked "What lookups do you need that are not yet reflected in the QA spreadsheet and supported data sources?". Survey is now closed. ACTION Steven Folsom to reach out to Nancy to see what data we get from this about needs, will then reach out to cohort to check results and see if anything is missing
      • UpdatesUpdate: Received a confirmation from Nancy that they are happy to share. The survey closes 2019-03-08.
  • Discovery developer search
  • Authority Lookups for Sinopia (Production QA instance:
    • Wikidata brings up the question of support for live access to external data. With current indexing in D.A.V.E. it will not normally be the case that we can support live access, Wikidata is the exception that we will prototype. We perhaps need some expectation management about what can be achieved.
    • ACTION Lynette Rayleto add comment on plan for Wikidata
  • Prep for Cataloging Sinatra and other 45's (Discogs data,
    • Tim working on Rspec tests for QA – ACTION Lynette Rayle- work with Tim to help resolve testing issue -- DONE
  • Sinatra Profile Work
  • Enhanced Discovery
    • "DOG": Discovery on the Ground.  A few meetings in with an evolving set of participants.
      • Objective: A better understanding of the problem space.  What questions and areas of development hold promise for prototypes and for more near-term concrete implementations we can roll out at our institutions, and how can we contribute this work back to the technological communities (e.g. back to the Blacklight core code)?
      • Have done some brainstorming and gathering of information/context.  Astrid should be ready to report on user interviews by next week.  Meeting planned for Monday so may have a better sense of concrete ideas to test with mockups and prototypes (that would be good to try at some point).
      • May be good to begin involving Cornell D&A/Usability group "on the ground" participants, based on availability/interest
  • Travel and meetings (see LD4P2 Cornell Meeting Attendances)
    • US2TS
      • Huda notes interesting intersection between ontologies and machine learning, good to know what has been done practically
      • What might we learn about discovery investigations?
      • Panel is about domain knowledge graphs – excitement about our work was primarily about how to make connections between datasets. Good to get feedback on use of QA (screen shots: Tim Worrall want screenshot supporting the story "I searched for a work in discogs, results show extended context to allow selection of correct record, application returns BIBFRAME RDF derived from Discogs JSON, ready to be included as a new work in cataloging tool. Note no URI to reuse from Discogs, have to create one but retain local Discogs identifier in data.", QA/BFE - slide 33 and on in SWIB slides
    • LD4 conference and pre-meeting with Harvard folks
      • Expect to send: Jason, Steven, Huda, Lynette, Simeon
      • Simeon has reserved minivan for Wed 8 through Sun 12 May
        • Everyone work on agenda document.
      • Potential Topics for QA and D.A.V.E.
        • Cache updates

        • Containerization of D.A.V.E.

        • Scale of data

        • Multi-authority search

        • ShareVDE combined data from multiple institutions

    • LD4P June 2019 Meeting: Agenda formation:
  • Next meetings: