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Fedora 4.7.0 is now available as a release candidate–your feedback is welcome:  In addition the API Extension Architecture working group (API-X) is set to release a demonstration of the framework for a round of evaluation and feedback.  An overview and evaluation guide for this demo is in development with an initial skeleton available on the wiki: Please place your name as an evaluator on the page if you are interested in evaluating the demo when it is released to provide this valuable feedback.


DSpace 6.0 is in the house; DSpace at the National Library of Finland

The DSpace Committer team is pleased to announce ------------

Check out the new release of DSpace 6.0 (release notes) which features an enhanced configuration system, enhanced file storage plugins, and new quality control/healthcheck reporting features (via REST API and via email).  In addition, DSpace 6 has an eye on the future, with a major Java API refactor that adds support for both UUIDs and Hibernate in our database layer.  Like its predecessor, DSpace 6 continues to strive to simplify the upgrade process by automatically updating your database to 6.x compatibility (from any prior DSpace version). Read more here.

This month Samu Viita shares his insights into how DSpace is being used at the National Library of Finland to power more than 50 customer organizations–5 universities, 26 universities of applied science, state research institutes, all Finnish ministries and other public sector organizations–in this "DSpace Story" Read more here.

VIVO (please review Mike)

Save the dates for VIVO 2017; VIVO 1.9.1 is available; VIVO 1.10 Planning