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DuraSpace Membership Newsletter
October 25, 2016


This month we welcome Heather Greer Klein as our hosted services customer specialist and bid a fond farewell to chief strategy officer Jonathan Markow who is retiring to resume a performing career as a jazz pianist.  

In the third and fourth quarters our organization undertook strategic planning for the next three years with input from board, staff, and community members. SWOT and PEST analyses helped us understand DuraSpace's organizational strengths, opportunities, and ways we can improve service to the community. We will share the strategic plan on the website, pending approval from the Board at our November 30th meeting.

Our discussions have led us to consider what DuraSpace's role might be in the growth and diversification of the digital scholarly ecosystem. It is clear that an expanding landscape of projects and initiatives will require various kinds of organizational support. DuraSpace is well-suited to lead and support these new endeavors in the evolving ecosystem. We are in various phases of pursuing potential projects, affiliations, and partnerships with the shared goal of facilitating the acquisition, analysis, organization, and discoverability of digital assets to showcase, share, and preserve scholarly information and research outputs.

I look forward to your feedback as the results of our strategic planning work is shared widely over the coming months.

Warmest regards,

Debra Hanken Kurtz


2016 Membership update

Many thanks to our members who have already renewed their membership for 2016, and to those who have joined DuraSpace for the first time as new members. This is the final month of our 2016 campaign. We only have another $155,000 to raise to reach our annual goal. Here's where we are towards meeting targets by project:

Total: $1,098,750; 150 members; 88% of target

  • DSpace: $230,750; 85% of target
  • Fedora: $537,250; 93% of target
  • VIVO: $245,750; 76% of target
  • General: $85,000; 106% of target    



NYC Camp; Fedora 4.7.0 release candidate; API Extension Architecture Demo

The Fedora project continues to engage committers and new users by reaching out nationally and internationally with workshops for beginners and those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of Fedora's unique strengths. Whether you are in interested in a deep dive or overview look at Fedora these upcoming events may be of interest:

Fedora 4.7.0 is now available as a release candidate–your feedback is welcome:  In addition the API Extension Architecture working group (API-X) is set to release a demonstration of the framework for a round of evaluation and feedback.  An overview and evaluation guide for this demo is in development with an initial skeleton available on the wiki: Please place your name as an evaluator on the page if you are interested in evaluating the demo when it is released to provide this valuable feedback.


DSpace 6.0 is in the house; DSpace at the National Library of Finland

Check out the new release of DSpace 6.0 (release notes) which features an enhanced configuration system, enhanced file storage plugins, and new quality control/healthcheck reporting features (via REST API and via email).  In addition, DSpace 6 has an eye on the future, with a major Java API refactor that adds support for both UUIDs and Hibernate in our database layer.  Like its predecessor, DSpace 6 continues to strive to simplify the upgrade process by automatically updating your database to 6.x compatibility (from any prior DSpace version). Read more here.

This month Samu Viita shares his insights into how DSpace is being used at the National Library of Finland to power more than 50 customer organizations–5 universities, 26 universities of applied science, state research institutes, all Finnish ministries and other public sector organizations–in this "DSpace Story". Read more here.


Save the dates for VIVO 2017; VIVO 1.9.1 is available; VIVO 1.10 Planning

 Stay tuned for more information about the the VIVO 2017 Conference which will be held August 2-5 in New York City at Weill Cornell.  Alex Viggio, will serve as the 2017 Conference Co-Chair, and Violeta Ilik will be the Program Co-chair. Consider joining the VIVO 2017 Conference Planning Task Force.

VIVO 1.9.1 has been released and is available here.  You will find the release notes here.  VIVO 1.9.1 is a minor maintenance release that addresses these issues:

  • Responsiveness of the Capability Map has been improved
  • Turtle support has been added to the filegraph loader
  • errors on profile pages have been fixed
  • Maven character set issues on Windows have been fixed
  • Maven now correctly sets Java 1.7 version
  • VIVO now uses the background RDFService correctly in the visualization cache

VIVO 1.10 is in the planning stages. Get involved with key community design issues such as user interface, internationalization, and technical documentation:


While not supported directly by our members DuraSpace Hosted Services provide our community with cost effective, simple and direct solutions for high quality digital preservation services that include ArchivesDirectDSpaceDirect, and DuraCloud. To learn more about any of the hosted services DuraSpace offers, please visit their web sites or contact

We are pleased to welcome new DSpaceDirect customer Culpeper County Library and new DuraCloud customer The Five Colleges of Ohio.

DLF, Nov 6-10, 2016 David Wilcox
LITA Forum, Nov 17-20, 2016, David Wilcox
Fedora Camp NYCNov 28-30, 2016 Andrew Woods, David Wilcox
CNI Fall Membership Meeting, Dec12-13, 2016, Debra Hanken Kurtz, Andrew Woods, David Wilcox

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