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  1. Debrief of Editors / Implementers meeting (was Thursday, Feb 22nd)

    1. Included Andrew WoodsDaniel LambBenjamin Armintor, not Esmé Cowles or Simeon Warner
    2. Will `trilpy` meet the spec by end April? - Simeon Warner would like to, but perhaps best estimate is 50/50 by end April. Some discussion of whether other effort might be brought to bear to get `trilpy` up to speed as a second implementation
    3. Hope/plan is the Modeshape Fedora will meet the spec by end April? Have 2 sprints planned with a number of contributors, hope to meet this timeline
  2. From Fedora Tech: External Content: Redirect or Proxy?
    1. We need to address the needs raised,... ensure that user needs are reflected,... respond to the list/community regarding the specification proposal
    2. ACTION Andrew Woods will pull together background to enable a useful conversation with shared basis
  3. Pull requests:

    1. pr-331 - Clarify LDPCv OPTIONS, reference in LDPCv GET (needs review of Benjamin Armintor)
    2. pr-326 - Loosening requirements on rel=type link headers for PUT when type is (needs review of Benjamin Armintor)
    3. pr-333 - Improve wording re membership predicate (needs review of Benjamin Armintor and Daniel Lamb)
    4. pr-334 - Add version number to specification title (let it sit until 1.0 release date)
    5. pr-336 - Allow LDPCv to disallow PUT/PATCH (needs review of Benjamin Armintor and Daniel Lamb)
    6. ACTION Benjamin Armintor will review PRs by 4pm, should merge others according to policy if no comment
  4. Plan for addressing open Recommendation issues

    1. All assigned
    2. #310 - Accept-Post reference incorrect – NOW CLOSED BY #331
    3. #308 - Requiring Accept-Post on OPTIONS, recommending for GET/HEAD -  ACTION Andrew Woods to make PR
  5. New issues:
    1. issue-332 - Section 3.1.1 Must vs SHOULD – CLOSED BY #333