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Call-in Information

Time: 11:00 am, Eastern Time (New York, GMT-05:00)

To join the online meeting:


Development Process


(star)  Indicating note-taker

  1. Kitio Fofack 
  2. Ralph O'Flinn 
  3. Andrew Woods
  4. Mike Conlon 
  5. Benjamin Gross (star)
  6. Steven McCauley 
  7. Svantje Lilienthal
  8. Richard Outten
  9. Huda Khan
  10. Laura Wrubel
  11. Greg Burton
  12. Robert Nelson
  13. @jim wood


  1. Review of agenda

    1. Any pressing issues?
  2. Sprint update

    1. i18n
    2. Externalized search
    3. Product evolution
    4. Misc
  3. Housekeeping updates from last week

    1. Moving the Advanced Role Management feature forward

      1. VIVO-1436 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      2. Follow-on PRs addressing code review comments: Jim Blake / another to review



    2. Themes
      1. VIVO-1543 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - Thanks,Kitio Fofack! We need one more reviewer
    3. Misc
      1. VIVO-1619 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - Don Elsborg(investigate) & Benjamin Gross(approve?) & Graham Triggs(approve after one more update?)
      2. VIVO-1602 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - Can anyone reproduce or further describe this bug? Graham Triggs ?
  4. In-Review

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    T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

  5. 1.10 

    1. bugs (1.10.1?)

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      T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due


Draft notes in Google-Doc

  • Andrew: Please add your github name to Slack

    Does everybody have tickets to work on? If not, either pick an unassigned task or create a task for yourself:

    Mike:, unintended consequence.  Search searches the classnames.  So a search for "faculty" previously produced results.  Now does not.

    • Ralph - Is this okay, I’ve seen this search before

    • Mike - appears to have affected both the display and the search itself

    • Not a code breaking change, but changing functionality

    • Benjamin: Current status is two approvals and will be merged unless status changes

    • Mike: Yes, this is okay but read comments to request additional functionality in the future

    • We only want to get rid of the display (the snippet) but not the search functionality

    • Andrew: What’s the next step, is this a new ticket? Is there a mechanism for filtering data out of the display?

    • Benjamin: There are ways to add data to the index without it being added to the visible text, but class names are added in Java and not configurable

    • Mike: The actual class name should not be necessary to search for… there should be a better way

    • Andrew to summarize, Mike likes it this way but doesn’t prefer it this way

    • Kitio: it should be searchable via the label, not via the class uri to support multiple languages -

    • Can be another ticket to replace additional generic diamond operators

    • Mike to assign Laura as reviewer - Mike reviewing documentation

    Anybody have questions about tickets in progress

    • Laura, 1340, how do I drag into in review column? Check it as ‘Ready to Test’

    • Andrew: Where should this process be documented? Laura was looking in ‘Development Process’

    Mike:, Stefan has submitted a PR

    • What is the proper way to make changes to somebody else’s pull request?

    • Andrew: You can fork a fork and make changes and submit a pull request on the fork

    Svantje could use a ticket! Andrew: There are i18n tickets available. There are also opportunities with the search index tickets.

    • Kitio: Issue with display of ‘Faculty Member’, showing class instead of label:

    • Mike: Please add additional description about why it’s not working correctly if you know

    Please look ahead at additional tickets you may be interested in looking at. Our next official meeting is the wrap up on Friday. Ask for add’l tickets on Slack.

    For help in working internationalization tickets, contact Kitio for more information

    Mike: How to resolve conflict?

    Andrew: Is anybody working on search? Ralph: yes, I am

    Richard: Product evolution work update, discussion on how schema should look

    • Idea of ‘read only’ interface

    • Andrew: Could you benefit from any additional input? Richard: Not at the moment, but yes going forward. Join product evolution calls.

    • Andrew to assign a couple tickets to Texas A&M crew

    Laura: One more process question: How about reviews relating to documentation on the wiki?

    • Andrew: Just go ahead and make the changes and post a link to the diff

    Final request: 1543 needs one more review… BENJAMIN


Previous Actions

  • Andrew Woods to respond to mailing list: "fresh 1.10 release install crashing with..."
  • Mike Conlon to create ticket: TPF should be toggle-able, on by default
  • Mike Conlon to create ticket: TPF should respect accessibility filters
  • Mike Conlon to address:   VIVO-1609 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Don Elsborg to update vagrant for 1.10
  • Don Elsborg to investigate rationale for retaining two nearly identical propStatement-dataDefault.ftl files in VIVO and Vitro ( VIVO-1619 - Getting issue details... STATUS )
  • Don Elsborg - add jira tickets for abox/tbox use cases - one ticket for each use case
  • Brian Lowe  - check with ontology group on handles
  • Alex Viggio will bring news of Elasticsearch instead of Solr up with Product Evolution.  
  • Benjamin Gross to create new Jira issue for additional errors thrown startup.

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