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VIVO [Pronunciation: /viːvəʊ/ or vee-voh] is member-supported, open source software and an ontology for representing scholarship.  VIVO supports recording, editing, searching, browsing and visualizing scholarly activity. VIVO encourages research discovery, expert finding, network analysis and assessment of research impact.  VIVO is easily extended to support additional domains of scholarly activity.

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What is VIVO?

VIVO developers and implementers

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VIVO-ISF ontology

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  • VIVO uses the VIVO-ISF ontology, an extensible data standard for describing scholarship
  • OpenRIF (Open Research Information Framework) is an open source project that works to develop and align information models including VIVO-ISF.
  • SPARQL is the query language for semantic data. Learn more about SPARQL.

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