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  • [new-aspect-source] (This where the new Aspect's source code is)
  • [manakin-source]/aspects/[aspect-dir] (This will be the new location for the Aspect's source)
  • [dspace]/config/xmlui.xconf


  1. If you are installing a brand new Aspect that is not distributed with Manakin then perform the following operations, otherwise skip to the next step. cp [new-aspect-source] [manakin-source]/aspects/[aspect-dir]
  2. Open Manakin's configuration file, [dspace]/config/xmlui.xconf, scroll to the bottom and locate the <aspects> element.
  3. Add a new <aspect> element inside the <aspects> element as below: <aspect name="My new Aspect" path="[aspect-dir]/"/>
  4. Restart Tomcat (See Quick Restart in Rebuild DSpace)