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facilitator: Steven Folsom

Themes Identified:

  • Requires a mix of automated and manual methods
  • Need tools to do this, e.g. present user with automated matches and allow them to make changes (this could then be used to tune the algorithm)
  • There's a potential to open this up to communities beyond library professionals (crowd-sourcing/niche-sourcing)



Table 1

DPLA: placename resolution

  • matching against Geonames
  • staff discomfort
  • lack subject expertise in aggregated data

Entity recognition

  • use entire record as context for resolution
  • points vs. shapes in geo entity resolution
  • crowdsourcing opportunity?
  • OCLC - several passes through data, information from multiple sources (ISNI, VIAF, etc.)
  • need public feedback for last 20%
  • refine algorithms based on crowdsourcing feedback
  • machine transformation and confidence rating – mark that is machine-generated, with date

Table 2

strings --> things

  • need string info in perpetuity
  • accuracy, testability of ambiguity
  • places ... think maps ...
  • people
  • dates ... map interface
  • subjects

libraries divide and conquer entity cataloging

post-processing tools

  • human mediation
  • less human mediation
  • hybrid models – e.g., obit project
  • akin to OCR post-processing

accuracy tools

  • page rank algorithm
  • BibFrame converter – work accuracy?

entity extraction

  • from metadata – how structured is it?
  • lots of text – algorithms better

how motivate users to take tools/data for a spin?

what if we had no metadata and started only with full text?

Table 3


  • solutions – would be awesome

parsing MARC to find translaters and role

  • roles as strings should be things

person reconciliation

  • requires human review
  • resolve ambiguity in identity, roles, contributions
  • predicates restrict detail
    • e.g., performer vs. violinist

crowd sourcing

  • simple problems or too complex, requires experts?

music parsing

image identity

Table 4

UCSD – mix of auto & manual review

CERL – name, spelling & disambiguation

HBS – URIs provided by authority vendor

Create local auth record/URI for strings with no auth?

Feed into LC or OCLC for needed authorities?

Improve cataloging tools with type-ahead entity resolution


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