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  1. Editors / Implementers meeting: 

    1. Thursday, Feb 22nd @1pm ET

  2. From Fedora Tech: External Content: Redirect or Proxy?
    1. We need to address the needs raised,...
    2. Ensure that user needs are reflected,...
    3. Respond to the list/community regarding the specification proposal
  3. Pull requests:

    1. pr-331 - Clarify LDPCv OPTIONS, reference in LDPCv GET (needs review of Daniel Lamb and Benjamin Armintor)
    2. pr-326 - Loosening requirements on rel=type link headers for PUT when type is (awaiting re-review)
  4. Plan for addressing open Recommendation issues

    1. All assigned
    2. #310 - Accept-Post reference incorrect
    3. #308 - Requiring Accept-Post on OPTIONS, recommending for GET/HEAD - resolved-needs-PR
    4. #280 - Versioning scheme of spec - resolved-needs-PR
  5. Open No Milestone issues
    1. #315 - Does versioning containers violate the single-containment principle?
    2. #316 - Recursive delete and constraints/messaging - 3 weeks since last comment


Action Items

  • ACTION (Daniel Lamb): To create PR: non-norm: LDPCv is both a timemap and a container, but does not allow POST
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