Recommended Metadata Fields

DSpace provides a broad list of metadata fields out of the box (see: Metadata and Bitstream Format Registries), and a variety of options for adding content to DSpace (both from the UI and from other services). No matter which Ingest option you use, DSpace recommends ensuring that the following metadata fields are specified:

Obviously, we recommend specifying as much metadata as you can about a new Item. For a full list of supported metadata fields, please see: Metadata and Bitstream Format Registries

Local Fields

You may encounter situations in which you will require an appropriate place to store information that does not immediately fit with the description of a field in the default registry. The recommended practice in this situation is to create new fields in a separate schema. You can choose your own name and prefix for this schema such as local. or myuni.

It is generally discouraged to use any of the fields from the default schema as a place to store information that doesn't correspond with the fields description. This is especially true if you are ever considering the option to open up your repository metadata for external harvesting.