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Developers Meeting on Weds, Aug 12, 2015

Today's Meeting Times


Discussion Topics

  1. Final tally of votes for "Service API" work
    1. Current Totals are
      1. +1 Votes: 10 Committers, 5 Community Members
      2. 0  Votes:  0 people
      3. -1 Votes:  0 people
    2. How to begin the code merger?
      1. Ensure API and XMLUI fully compile / pass unit tests (Assigned: @mire)
      2. Freeze "master" (no new changes, but folks can still add new PRs) (Assigned: ALL)
      3. Create a "feature" branch for this work to move into. (Assigned: @mire)
      4. Find volunteers to "claim" one or more other modules (JSPUI, LNI?, OAI, RDF, REST, SERVICES, SWORD, SWORDv2). Refactor each module until it fully compiles
      5. Once all UIs compile and Unit Tests succeed, merge into "master" branch
      6. Un-freeze "master" (code changes accepted again) (Assigned: ALL)
      7. Bang on it, looking for bugs! (Assigned: ALL)
  2. DSpace 6.0 Status
    1. Release Team members still needed!
    2. XOAI has been migrated to DSpace control:
      1. Joao has said he plans to create a PR to allow us to update to the latest version of XOAI in DSpace 6
  3. Migrating off SourceForge - Latest Status
    1. Mailing list migration will be started soon. Other tasks have popped up that have delayed this process.
  4. RoadMap work
    1. First meeting of the DSpace UI Prototype Working Group occurred: 2015-08-10 UI Working Group Meeting notes
      1. Next meeting will be Tues, Aug 25 at 15:00 UTC
  5. Other topics?

Meeting Notes

Meeting Transcript

Action Items

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