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The DSpace-CRIS data model configuration can be exported and imported using an excel file.

To export the current datamodel in excel you need to run

./dspace export-cris-configuration -f {fullpath-to-the-target-file.xls}


to import the datamodel

./dspace load-cris-configuration -f {fullpath-to-the-target-file.xls}

The import script will work in append mode so you can use it to initially populate your datamodel in an empty dspace-cris installation but also to add new attributes or entities.

It is not able to update the definition of existent attribute

File structure

The excel file is composed of several sheets

  • propertiesdefinition
    column A: it contains the shortname of the entity that holds the property. rp, ou, pj are the reserved words used for Researcher Pages, OrgUnits and Projects. Any other values must be a shortname assigned to a new entity defined in the datamodel (DynamicObject) and added to the utilsdata sheet in the column C.
  • nesteddefinition
  • tab
  • etab
  • box
    Column G "Unrelevant": it can contain y or n and it is used to determine at runtime if a tab need to be displayed for a specific object or not. A tab is displayed only when it contains actual data, ie there are at least one box that contains data in the tab. Only box flagged with unrelevant = n are checked. In this way, if you have a general box that is reused across multiple tabs to show basic information like a "name card" the tab is displayed only if there are information in some other boxes
  • tab2box
  • etab2box
  • box2metadata
  • utilsdata
    It contains data used to validate the content of the other sheets. The only column that need to be edit is the column C that need to contains all the entities defined in the data model (rp, ou and pj are reserved words for the top level CRIS object Researcher page, OrgUnit and Project). See also the sheet propertiesdefinition column A
  • controlledlist
  • tabpolicy
  • etabpolicy
  • boxpolicy
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  1. Regarding 'import-cris-configuration' this command doesn't exist. At least in the current version of dspace-5_x_x-cris.


    #/dspace/bintest/bin/dspace import-cris-configuration -f /dspace/bintest/etc/configuration-tool-demo.xls

    Command not found: import-cris-configuration

    Should it be 'load-cris-configuration'?

    1. you are right. I have updated the documentation the right command is load-cris-configuration