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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and IRC chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:


Regular Items:

  1. Notetaker volunteer
  2. Review last week's actions
  3. Status questions/clarification
  4. Review recently submitted issues (15 minutes)

Discussion Topics:

  1. Heads up: Will be switching to FreeConferenceCallHD within the next month. Look for a new skype # soon.
  2. Others?

Individual Status

  • Chris
    • Was at DfR meeting w/Dan and a few DuraCloud folks last week. Sketching out architecture/components for what we want to do in first phase. DfR has a need to support Shib and other third-party authN approaches across all services, including Fedora.
    • Did a webinar on Fedora-DuraCloud integration w/CloudSync yesterday. Should be up on the DuraCloud youtube channel within the next couple days.
    • Will be looking at Jerry Pan's fcrepo-954 work this week. This was the ability of Fedora to pass hints down through llstore/akubra.



  • Dan, Eddie, Chris, Frank, Ed from the Colorado Alliance, Adam, ?


See notes on IRC.

Chris: reported about the DuraCloud for Research meeting at Philly.
Chris: Involves both DuraCloud and Fedora heavily
Chris: Supports research(ers) data management and publication
Chris: One DfR topic is incorporating Shibboleth.
Chris: Need to incorporate information for new use cases
Adam: Working on Shibboleth
Chris: Goal is to add as little code as is feasible
Chris: Video on Fedora Cloud sync
Chris: Talked to Jerry Pan about passing hints through Akubra
Adam: Does iRODS know?
Adam will contact through Greg Jansen
Chris: Hints through Akubra not used very much but good use patterns need to be discussed.
Adam: Authentication filter refactoring.
Have example for most use cases.
Likely will be able to remove almost everything from old package except perhaps Flash (need to talk to Bill Brannan)
Writing ITs
FeSL session functions are funky. Need to consider how to do better.
No docs so having to look over code.
Move Flash filter since into other current package
Think about rewrite of admin, maybe GSoC, likely HTML centric
Chris: Maybe do it in a hack-a-thon
Chris: Maybe put a bounty on it.
Chris: To what degree are we looking at Spring Security
Discussed issues with pipelining, Fedora has some implementation that makes this problematic but can support some sequences
Talk about this in more detail later
Chris: Are there any other status updates.
Eddie: Steve created a sub-module for Client messaging.
Eddie: Got publishing to Maven central working including all dependencies.
Eddie: Concerned about packaging for Client messaging to avoid duplication in modules.
Steve: Did not push refactoring code to trunk so we are OK.
Steve: is the issue for this
<kompewter> [ #FCREPO-1022 Deprecate Messaging client - DuraSpace JIRA ] -
Chris: Unify client library
Chris: Should keep to JAX-RS and keep the libraries up to date
Chris: Moving to Free Conference Call next week
Eddie: Cautions about HifDef switch over
Dan: Suggests Dixie cups and a lot of waxed string
Adam: What is state of CXF impl maintenance
Adam: Need to get CXF implementation woven in
<kompewter> [ #FCREPO-1047 auto-checksum failure - DuraSpace JIRA ] -
Chris: Volunteers to fix
<kompewter> [ #FCREPO-1046 Improve Eclipse m2e support - DuraSpace JIRA ] -
Ben: I had to back down to Maven2 on osx/Lion to get Eclipse builds to work
Ben: using Eclipse indigo as well
Eddie: Had to modify POM to get to work.
Adam: My experience mirrors Eddie's
Chris: +1 to dixie cups
Adam: Tin cans have a significantly higher S/N.
Lots of interest. Problem may involve Maven 3 update in Eclipse.
Frank: Issues noted in compiling in Java 7
Chris: Try build with "install" in Maven
<kompewter> [ #FCREPO-1045 Error when attempting to modify a Managed RELS-EXT datastream's properties - DuraSpace JIRA ] -
Eddie wins:
<kompewter> [ IRC Log for #duraspace on, collected by DuraLogBot ] -
Ben: So 1045 FCREPO-1045 applies to DC, POLICY, RELS-EXT, RELS-INT?
<kompewter> [ #FCREPO-1044 modifyObject incorrectly uses the ownerID XACML resource attributeID URI for the new ownerID property supplied by the API method - DuraSpace JIRA ] -
Steve takes the bullet for the group.
In real time: Trunk build works on Java 6 but not Java 7 - will be investigated

Action Items