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This meeting is a hybrid teleconference and IRC chat. Anyone is welcome to's the info:



  1. Review current fcrepo4 work
    1. RDF iteration in the core
    2. Simplified deployment
    3. Islandora interoperability
    4. Search
  2. Profiling

Previous Actions

New Actions

  • Greg Jansen to check into possible cluster testing resource at UNC.


Review current work for Fedora 4

  • RDF iteration in the core. (Refactor of code, move away from models and towards an lazy iteration model) 
    • Improved memory usage.
    • Apache Jena, stored RDF in memory, contained more than we needed, now using our own abstraction.
  • Simplified Deployment. (Osman Din, not present) Simplify configuration. Still in progress.
  • Islandora Interoperability - Soon both Fedora 3 and Fedora 4 will share the same code base.
  • Search (Ye Cao, not present), Generic Search Solution for Fedora 4. Mulgara to be built upon existing indexer (Nigel Banks).

Fedora 3.7.1

Fedora Profiling (frank asseg)

  •  Some results from the SCC cluster:
  • We are currently limited by our test platform.
  • Currently working on getting physical nodes to test the platform on rather than shared VM's.
  • Fedora 4 now has a greater throughput than Fedora 3, yeah!
  • Increasing the number of threads didn't seem to improve performance.
  • Tweaking configuration.
  • Check out project on Github
  • Single Node performance is important.
  • LevelDB NoSQL store may work with infinispan to dramatically increase performance (Chris Beer tested this in single node before, may not be able to use with cluster).
  • Two kinds of metrics:
    • Load testing, this is what frank asseg is working on. 
    • Internal Metrics which time operations inside the software, good for finding the source of problems.
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