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  1. External content
    1. Issues:
    2. Wiki proposal:
  2. Prioritize outstanding issues
  3. ...


  1. External content wiki proposal seems solid and generally accepted
    1. Simeon: How do we decide which (undocumented) use cases are in scope, and which (undocumented) use cases are out of scope? Would be nice to have these written down as a way to decide Ben: Would use cases go in spec or supporting documentation or elsewhere?
      Simeon: Not sure they go anywhere formal but just use for decisions on spec
      Esme: Think they might be supporting documentation
      Danny: Have tried in Islandora
      Ben: Had tried to do this with #41
      Danny: Have use case template and label, could do this.
      Ben: Could have a procedure where part of closing a use case is a PR with a markdown file
      Esme: .. but this sounds like a PR based process again
      Agreed: It would be good to document the use cases behind some of the spec changes. Will have use cases directory and Danny will put in a template. Will add use cases as a PR
    2. Wiki proposal:
      Esme: How are folks with this proposal
      Danny: OK with me
      Ben: Can make that work. Is it OK if you support an external body then you advertize with Accept POST on containers, else do 415 -- agreement . Will try to do the PR before next call.
  2. Outstanding issue review
    1. Many of the outstanding issues seem resolved, but we need follow-up
      1. Messaging/notifications has a PR that needs review
      2. Editor list needs to be updated to reflect recent formation of this editors group
      3. Long discussion on needs to be summarized
      4. A few tickets have asked for various kinds of clarification but lack of consensus has prevented those from moving forward

        1. At least adding an intro to summarize the different kinds of implementations anticipated and how they might differ could address some of those concerns
  3. Next meeting
    1. Danny and Simeon will be out next week, so our next meeting will be 5/24/17.

Action Items

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