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(plus) (facilitator)
(star) (notetaker)

  • Rosalyn Metz (plus)
  • Susan Lafferty
  • David Wilcox
  • Declan Fleming
  • Mike Giarlo
  • Jon Stroop
  • Robin Ruggaber
  • Debra Hanken Kurtz





Review Duraspace Code of Conduct

Public Draft

Briefly review the Code of Conduct to ensure that there aren't any concerns regarding completeness (i.e. are there any things we think we might want to ask to be added or have as an addendum). Questions to consider:

  • Have we selected a code of conduct that accurately reflects our community’s shared values, as they are actually practiced?
  • Have we selected a code of conduct we are actually willing and able to enforce?
Review Report Follow-up ProcessDo these follow up processes meet our needs? Do we want to follow a different follow up process?5min
Create a new follow up process

If the above decision is to use a different follow up process, here are some questions we might want to consider [ 1 ]:

  • Who’s going to be responsible for holding the community accountable to the standards documented in the code of conduct?
  • How will those people be chosen, what training & resources will they need, and by what mechanism will they be held accountable?
  • How will code of conduct reports be collected? Will their resolution be communicated to the larger community? How?
  • What are the legal/privacy/etc. implications of our chosen method of reporting?

[ 1 ] Questions taken from The Complex Reality of Adopting a Meaningful Code of Conduct


Action Items

  • debra hanken kurtz update code of conduct to indicate that "at the sole discretion of Duraspace organizers" is in concert with the community's leadership and/or steering committee  
  • Rosalyn Metz draft process description described here  
  • Rosalyn Metz schedule next meeting  


  • Review DuraSpace Code of Conduct
  • Review Report Follow-up Process
    • Follow up process has been included in the final draft process
    • Right now we have a sense of mutual trust between DuraSpace Organizers, today the CEO would work with the project to make a decision.
    • Ultimately the CEO is responsible for doing what's best for the organization, so they need to be able to be responsible for the organization and individual's experience.
    • Chair of Steering is in some sense of a DuraSpace organizer when the meeting or discussion is Fedora represented
    • If there is a conflict with the chair of the steering committee, then steering will elect someone to work with the CEO
  • Create a new follow up process

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