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  • Weill Cornell – appreciation to Brian Lowe and Brian Caruso for their consultation on resolving the performance issue with our VIVO site. The system will be profiled. Also considering the possible impact of orphan data, e.g. co-authors that are no longer linked because of the deletion of the publications, or datatime values that are no longer linked.
  • Stony Brook
  • Scripps
  • Penn
  • NYU
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Florida
  • Duke
  • Cornell – investigating different database connection pool library designed for more concurrent connections
  • Colorado
  • Brown
  • any others on the call

Conference Reactions

OpenSocial News from Eric Meeks

1) We are going to try and schedule online webinars to show people how to build OpenSocial ORNG gadgets (, as well as how to install and configure VIVO to run the gadgets. A few people from both Profiles and VIVO who couldn't make it to the conference have asked about this.

2) We have a contest open to all where if you have a great ORNG gadget idea for adding functionality to VIVO and Profiles, you can win an iPad and we will even build the gadget for you. Details are here:

Notable Development List Traffic

Developer Community Tools and Web Presence

Jim has created a Transition to new Community tools? wiki page to reflect discussions to date, including the birds of a feather session on developer community tools and web presence at the conference.

Update 8/30 from Alex:
Just learned about this tonight, and thought I'd share.

GitHub is already free for public repositories, like the VIVO Harvester and probably most open source VIVO-related projects. These new EDU options might be good for students working on VIVO extensions or educators looking to teach Semantic Web who see value in private repos. If you already have a GitHub account, students can upgrade to a Micro (5 private repos) at no additional cost.

They've also hired an Educational Liason (John Britton) who can answer related questions. Nice to see them connecting more with academia (smile)

Items for next week

please suggest, on the call or via the list

Call-in Information

1. Please join my meeting.

2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.

Dial +1 (773) 897-3008
Access Code: 322-087-560
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