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Calls are held every Thursday at 1 pm eastern time – convert to your time at


Google doc for notes:



  • VIVO 1.6.1 Release Notes

  • Ontology Working Group: next call is Thursday, April 17 at noon EST/ 9 am PST – note proposed new time

    • addressing persistent VIVO URIs and related issues

    • next call will be focused on datasets and dataset ontologies, including options to engage with a W3C working group active in that area

  • The next Apps & Tools call is April 15 at 1PM EST

    • Find links to YouTube videos of all previous calls there

    • Alex Rademacher (IBM Brazil) and getting specialized data into RDF and then into VIVO  - Alex will present later in the month or in May.  

    • Apps and Tools workshop at the conference. Looking for participants to do demos -- looking for the best ways to create, use, visualize VIVO data and would love to have additional authors and help

  • VIVO Bootcamp at ELAG 2014 (June 10 at University of Bath, United Kingdom)

  • 2014 VIVO Conference Call for Paper/Poster/Panel Proposals deadline extended to this Friday, April 11

Upcoming Activities 

  • Roll out of first annual survey of VIVO sites

  • Scheduling next themed weekly call topic – April 24th: Topic TBA – seeking volunteer facilitators for themed calls

Site Updates

  • Moving to bi-weekly update schedule – updates next week

  • Attendees: Cornell, Weill-Cornell, Smithsonian, UF (Florida), Virginia Tech, RPI, Duke, Stony Brook, Brown, Symplectic

Theme: Launch of First Annual VIVO Survey

  • Designed to be one survey per site, that can be passed from one team member to another.

    • please use the mailing list for any questions that come up

    • the survey is fairly extensive, but can be saved so it can be filled in via multiple sessions and/or by multiple responders (e.g., a policy person, an ontology person, and a developer)

    • be sure when you save the survey to resume later you record the URL you are given -- if you don’t use that you will have to start over

  • Paul Albert and others will facilitate online survey process for call attendees

    • And Paul will send out the link below and highlight the point that if you save midway you need to copy and save the link to be able to resume

    • How do you want to receive feedback?

      • e.g., what’s the definition of a profile -- all foaf:Person entries or the count of people within the institution -- see the FAQ on the project wiki page listed below

  • Timeline -- encourages submissions by June 30, 2014 to be included in Paul’s proposed conference presentation

    • Note that Profiles institutions are also being surveyed (with a shorter survey)

  • See project wiki page for more information and an FAQ

  • The VIVO survey link: 

  • Early feedback:

    • yes, it’s long but I can leave blank questions that aren’t applicable

    • would provide very useful information in making the case for VIVO

    • looks like good information -- interesting to see some of the results

    • would it make sense to have different responses from the same institution? For this time, one per institution is what we’re looking for

  • Thanks to Paul for creating the survey!

Notable list traffic

Call-in Information

  • Date: Every Thursday, no end date
  • Time: 1:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
  • Meeting Number: 641 825 891

To join the online meeting:


1. Call in to the meeting:

   1-855-244-8681 (Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada))

   1-650-479-3207 (Call-in toll number (US/Canada))


2. Enter the access code:

   641 825 891 #

3. Enter your Attendee ID:

   8173 #

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