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Issues with VIVO Ontology and Practice

  • Where is up to date VIVO ontology?
    • Don’t know who is maintaining the VIVO ontology?
    • Where can I find the up to date version of the ontology?
    • VIVO codebase version vs. ontology version?
  • Obsolete parts of the (external) ontology.
    • IRIs are replaced with different fragment part (IRI change).
    • Labels are changed (rdfs:label change).
    • Obsolete entities (entities does not exist anymore).
    • OCRe_research.owl does not exist anymore ???
  • Errors in the ontology.
    • Datatype property defined as Object property.
  • Entities that should not be part of the ontology.
    • Scope of the VIVO ontology

Open VIVO Ontology Issues

You may also wish to review the VIVO JIRA ontology issues here:


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