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Governance groups

VIVO's governance groups determine strategy and roadmap using open, collaborative, consensus-based processes.

VIVO's governance groups coordinate with DuraSpace to facilitate development, project communications, finances, service provider program, and membership drive.

Project Director

Governance Resources

  • VIVO Member List – always up to date.  Lists all members by level.
  • VIVO Site list – updated by the sites.  I add some.  Not up to date.
  • VIVO Project Charter v 1.1 – will be updated to reflect 2018 changes per LG votes
  • VIVO Updates – our weekly newsletter to the community.  If you have something to share, please share by Saturday for inclusion in VIVO Updates the following day.
  • VIVO Governance Meetings – agenda and notes of our meetings.  Includes call-in information