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Principal Investigator: Ricardo Pietrobon, MD PhD, Associate Vice Chair and Associate Professor for the Department of Surgery, Duke University

Co-Investigators: Richard Outten, Senior Manager, Enterprise Web Team, Office of Information Technology, Duke University
Mark McCahill, Systems Architect, Office of Information Technology, Duke University
Paolo Mangiafico, Director of Digital Information Strategy, Office of the Provost, Duke University


To extend the reach of VIVO, we propose creating a set of widgets that will display information from VIVO profiles in blogs, portals, and departmental or lab web pages – the sites where researchers already represent themselves on the web. By simplifying the display of VIVO information on other sites, we extend the reach of the authoritative VIVO profile and provide an incentive for researchers to maintain and update this information.
Using a Web Page Widget, information about publications, grants, and other research activities could be shared between a VIVO profile and a personal page, blog, or portal. Using an OpenSocial Widget, or a JSR Portlet, other information, such as updates about related scholarship or personalized searches of research topics, can be fed to personal web portal pages.
With these widgets made available to users, VIVO becomes an authoritative repository of profile information that can be embedded and automatically updated on other sites, eliminating the problem of re-entering key information about scholarly or research activities on each site. Moreover, including links back to the official VIVO profile helps raise awareness about VIVO to the larger community using the same sort of viral marketing that extended the reach of YouTube and other embeddable services.
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