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What is a Proposal?

"Proposals" definition: Proposals detail ideas, brainstorms or potential solutions to a known issue or problem in the code, community or process. Proposals may recommend changes we could make that may help us resolve issues we've encountered in the past. A few examples: a proposal could recommend accepting or adding a new technology, changing an API, or changing how we interact as a team or plan new releases of the software.

"Special Topics" versus "Proposals"

  • Special Topics are higher level topics/questions/problems which need to be addressed or discussed. They may include some details or background about the problem domain, but should not suggest any particular solutions to the problem.
  • Development Proposals should present potential solutions to the problem. One Special Topic (e.g. "How can we better handle Preservation Metadata?") may result in many Proposals (e.g. "Option #1", "Option #2", "Combo of Option #1 and #2", etc.)

Overview: Adding a new Proposal

This page is a place to post new proposals for review by DSpace Community and/or Developers. New proposals can recommend any sort of change to solve an existing or perceived problem/issue. A few examples: a proposal could recommend accepting or adding a new technology, changing an API, or changing how we interact as a team or plan new releases of the software.

To add a new proposal:

  1. Please create a sub-page for the details of your proposal. In your details you should describe the reasons behind your proposal. Your proposal need not be flushed out completely – even initial ideas are welcome, especially if they can start to answer some basic questions:
    • Why do you feel this will help DSpace Software or our Community as a whole?
    • What problem(s)/issue(s) are you trying to solve?
    • How do you feel your proposed solution could resolve these problems/issues?
  2. Once your proposal is ready for review/comments, add the appropriate label to classify your proposal below, but including an {excerpt} marco in your proposal page you can include a description of your proposal below.
    • Feel free to add additional proposal categories below if your proposal does not fit into an existing category.
  3. Announce that you have a new proposal posted for comment/review. The best way to announce this is via either a mailing list, or at a DSpace developers meeting (if it is a technology proposal)

To comment on an existing proposal

  1. Visit the proposal page and either comment on the proposal directly, or add your thoughts on the "discussion" page.
  2. Please keep comments constructive. Give reasons why you agree/disagree to help us improve upon the proposal.

Development Proposals

Place for proposals about underlying development and technology changes in the software (e.g. API changes, architecture/design changes, etc.). Technology changes may need to be sub-categorized if we start to receive many different levels of proposals.

To include your proposal here create a new Sub-page under this page.

  • DS-1134: multilingual metadata for communities/collections
Page: Proposal For Metadata Enhancement Page: Advanced Embargo Support Page: i18n Improvements Proposal Page: Standardizing the default namespaces Page: Fedora Inside Page: Adding metadata authority controls and vocabularies to the data model Page: Moving metadata related configurations from dspace.cfg to the database Page: Develop support for additional metadata standards Page: Improved or more transparent metadata flexibility Page: Enhancing the metadata available for Communities, Collections and Files Page: Metadata enhancement work or proposals summary Page: CGIProposal Page: Database Persistence of Configuration State Page: Item Versioning Support Page: Linked Open Data for DSpace Page: Maven Project Consolidation Page: Metadata For All Page: Migrate Search and Browse to DSpace Discovery Page: Quartz for Asynchronous Scheduling Service Page: Refactoring MediaFilterManager for greater reuse and flexibility Page: Refactoring the DSpace Domain Model Page: Refactor Packagers to support Chain of Command Page: Replace DSpace ConfigurationManager and PluginManager Page: Stateless Embargo Authorization Support Page: Updating the Qualified Dublin Core registry in DSpace to the latest standards of the DCMI Page: Upgrade Process Improvements Page: VOID LoD Endpoint Descriptor Page: Proposal to Update DC Registry and Add DCTERMS Registry Page: Google Analytics Statistics in DSpace Page: Installer Brainstorms Page: ORCID Integration Page: Hierarchical Metadata Support - LOM and MODS

1 Comment

  1. During the OR12 developer meeting it was argued that although this page already gives a good overview list of ongoing development, it would be great to see which of these is actively being worked on at the moment (with any concrete target goals/dates where possible), and which ones are lingering.

    Given that the current listing displays the titles of sub pages and their excerpts, would there be a way to include the last modified dates of those pages? The maintainer of the page then only needs to take care that any recent developments are always logged on that page to keep their modified dates fresh on the listing. According to the documentation for the children macro it should be possible to list sort the listing by modified date. Trying this now. The original, alphabetically ordered list is still available at the bottom of the page where you see the child pages again.