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Development Proposals

suggestions for changes, potential solutions to issues, etc.

Organizational Proposals

Place for proposals around improving how we as a community or as a development team are organized.

  • Development Policies ProposalStuart Lewis's thoughts after his experience as 1.6.0 Release Coordinator. Some of Stuart's key points are quoted below, but read his full blog entry for more background on these ideas. (Reviewed on 10 March 2010 during DSpace Dev Mtg)

Special Topics

topics requiring in-depth discussion and analysis from all interested parties

Frequently Asked For

Features which don't exist (yet)

Resolved Proposals

Proposals that have either been resolved or identified as part of another project/proposal.

Retired Proposals

Proposals that have either been retired or decided to not move forward on. These may contain details that still may be of interest in future proposals

  • Asynchronous ReleaseAsynchronous Release: Asynchronous Release is change in the DSpace release process and version numbering process on modules within the DSpace trunk to allow more flexibility adding prebuilt Addon modules into DSpace.
  • Asynchronous Release - Alternative Option
  • Proposed RoadMap to 2.0This page represented a proposed RoadMap to 2.0 from Tim Donohue. It still needs broader discussion/approval before adoption.
  • Restructure Trunk ProjectsThis is a page of possible technical refactoring proposals for moving the trunk forward towards greater modularity and plug-ability.

Discussions Archive

The Discussions Archive contains various developer musings, ideas, historical tidbits.

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